Friday, April 3, 2009

Duncan's Wrap up

So this time around with the 21-hour plays was a little more difficult than last time. Or maybe it just seemed that way, since I had a lot more travel time, and therefore less actual writing time.
Zack, Emily and I got stuck briefly on the train back to Queens, so we all took the opportunity to start sketching out ideas.

Things written in my Moleskine from that brainstorming ride:
  1. Superheroine, Billionaire
  2. Plucky Reporter/Love Interest
  3. Butler - Maid? Secretary? (Upset)
  4. Villainess (attacks during interview.
  • Watchmen parody? The Comedienne? Reporter works for New Frontiersman?
  • Costumed Vigilantes. Silhouette- Ursula Zandt?
  • Spunky McAllister, Ace Reporter Quotidian Clarion. Spanish war correspondent? No-nonsense.
  • The Calumny
  • The Crimson Scarlet Vermillion
  • anti-lesbian? Christian supervillain The Knight Templar?
  • The Spanglish Fly
So I got home eventually and started writing. Each of the characters quickly developed their own voices. Ditched the Watchmen idea, but kept the last name Zandt as an homage to The Silhouette; and my tentative title was Watchwomen since I was sort-of deconstructing the idea of superheroes in a more comic way, though it quickly evolved into more of a Batman-style character, due to the Butler to Millionaire Superhero job I had to include. With a dash of Superman's glasses.
Dropped the idea of the Supervillain being specifically anti-lesbian, since I didn't think the play was really about that. Made up a Molybdenum Freeze Ray Gun, since I just like saying "Molybdenum". Molybdenum. Molybdenum.

Crimson, Scarlet, and Vermillion were all already taken by other heroes, so a quick jaunt to turned up "Russet" as another synonym for "Red".

Still didn't have a title other than Watchwomen, when Staples tried to kill me by opening 10 minutes late and THEN informing me that their copying center just wasn't doing anything that day. Really, Staples (776 8th Ave), this is not the first time. You know I love you, but if you keep pulling this crap, I shall be forced to take my business to your overpriced competitor, Kinkos, which saved my ass that morning (for a hefty printing charge).

After dropping the scripts off and chatting with Nina, my director (who thrilled me no end by being a fan of Christopher Durang), I told Christine that if she thought of a better title, she was welcome to use that. She wanted to call it The Spanglish Fly at first, but we both thought that would spoil the joke.
On the subway on the way to the auditions I was holding that afternoon for my show Ore, or Or, I was struck by the thought that The Dark Knight also was something of a superhero deconstruction. ..inspiration hit, and when I alighted from the train, I texted Christine and told her to call it Dark Night of the Russet Rascal.


Was very pleased with the work done by Nina and the actresses under her charge. They all nailed the style, and using the rubber gloves as The Spanglish Fly's wings was an inspired touch (a well-deserved win for Best Use of Prop; which, coincidentally, my show also won last time, with Chris Bell's alien vomit)

A lot of people liked it, and told me so. Some said it was their favorite of the evening.

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