Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been some time since the mania/ fun of WWSS5, but it's still pretty clear in my head. As a playwright, writing for these 21 hr (or is it 24) festivals is always very interesting, because you're up all night writing! Every time I've done it I always come up to a point where I just have no idea what I'm writing about or reading. And it's really late and no one is on AIM or facebook or anything and my roommates are asleep or out somewhere and the only thing I have to keep me company is my mind, which seems to be descending into madness. But out of that madness and exhaustion and fear and red bull and caffiene, a play is born. Sometimes it comes out easily, and sometimes you need a C-section to get it out.
Who Wears Short Shorts is so much fun to do because I think it embodies the true essence of the miracle that is theater. At 10:00pm on Friday night there was a bunch of nervous writers in a room. 21 hours later there was a fully developed piece of theater. If that's not the miracle of theater I don't know what is.
So if you didn't catch it this time, I encourage you to come out next time.

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