Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In addition to continuously losing my phone on Saturday, I also broke the cover off the back. So I've been perpetually paranoid about the battery and chip coming off of it because I hadn't downloaded all of the dozens of emails and texts that I had received from you guys on Saturday.

Well I've finally finished. And I even changed the date and time on every post to reflect the time that I received it. You see, I DO care.

So thank you all for coming out to play in the shorts! And for those of you who shot me messages over the course of the day, thanks for entertaining me. We had a great time seeing you guys bringing the writers' late night ramblings to life.

All of you new people, welcome to the Phare Play Phamily! And for those of you who've been away for a while, but came back to play - it's good to see you again! Hopefully we'll see more of all of you.

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